MDGs,Post2015 and Gender Equality

No Comments »March 17th, 2014

Ms Margaret Kakande from the Ministry of Finance  presenting   on MDGs and Gender Equality
As part of commemorating this year’s International Women’s day, Isis-WICCE in partnership with the School of Women and Gender Studies, Makerere University organized a public dialogue on the topic; MDGs and Post 2015 Development Agenda: Room for gender equality.  The meeting was attended by over 300  people who included university students, lecturers and gender activists. The dialogue was opened by Hon. Miria ...->

Women of Uganda under Siege

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A woman holding a poster during the press conference
With the message ‘I Love My Body, My Rights’, Isis-WICCE  has joined Center for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP) and other Women’s Rights Organizations to call for the protection, safety and dignity  of women and girls in public spaces in Uganda. This is after the government of Uganda passed the draconian Anti- Pornography Act, which has sparked a series of mob violence attacks on women and girls by ...->

Healthy Families for Peaceful Communities

1 Comment »February 24th, 2014

From L-R  Ms Helen Kezie Nwoha, Hon Margaret Alaper & Dr Otim Tom  addressing the media
As part of the  follow up to the Peace Exposition that took place in Kotido district from November 28th to December  10th 2013, Isis-WICCE  today held a press conference with the members of Parliament from  Kotido district to further raise awareness on the status of reproductive health needs of women in Kotido district and Karamoja region in general. It was revealed that during the Peace Exposition, a total of ...->

What is good Aid? The Isis-WICCE View

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Ruth Ochieng
This was the BIG question during the CSO seminar in Norway that  took place on January 29th, 2014  and  Isis-WICCE Executive Director Ruth Ojiambo Ochieng attended.  The seminar was organized by the Norwegian Council for Africa. Ruth Ochieng gave a presentation on Isis-WICCE’s estimation of what Good Aid should achieve. “For us at Isis-WICCE,   Good Aid is the one that effectively responds to millions of ...->

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