Joy Mbaabu, Executive Director- Amani communities Africa (ACA)


Attended the 2001-2003 Institute. She’s been a practicing a lawyer for over 10 years. “I joined the institute because it was time for me to move on from adversarial conflict resolution method to the constructive relationship building method of conflict resolutions.”

The 2001 institute and the training opened a new world to me which I never knew existed. I was inspired and motivated. It was one of my life’s highest moments. I was able to attend the Institute in Bujumbura where we were trained on peacemaking and UNSCR 1325. In 2003, Isis-WICCE nominated to attend a conference in Australia which was a great international experience.

In June 20011 I was part of the group women who presented a paper to the African Union in Addis Ababa on the need to focus more attention on sexual violence in armed conflict on the continent. It was an opportunity for me to engage policy makers at the continental level.

I managed to start an NGO that provided mediation, Conflict Resolution training and services to communities in Kenya. We have changed its name to Amani Communities Africa to reflect the bigger dream of working not just for Kenya but for Africa. I was inspired by all this work and I went back to school, acquired a masters degree in peace studies and International relations.

Isis-WICCE training introduced me to women peace and greater human rights issues and offered me a link from local to global networks.

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